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Artists & Staff

co-Artistic Director
Susanne Chui

co-Artistic director
Sara Coffin                               

company Dancers

Sara Coffin
Susanne ChuiDancer2011-present
Jacinte ArmstrongDancer2011-present
Ruth-Ellen Kroll JacksonDancer2011-present
Rhonda BakerDancer2011-present
Gillian Seaward-Boone
Darryl Tracy
Carolle Crooks FernandoDancer2001-2010
Sarah RozeeDancer2001-10, 2013-present
Sara HarriganDancer
Rehearsal Director
Alicia Orr MacDonaldDancer2001-2010
Lisa Phinney LangleyDancer2001-2004
Melanie FerroDancer2006-2010
Tania JeanDancer2008-2010

Co-Founders / Past Artistic Directors

Carolle Crooks FernandoArtistic Director

Co-Founder / Co-Artistic Director(2001-2010)
Sara HarriganCo-Founder / Co-Artistic Director(2001-2010)
Alicia Orr MacDonaldCo-Founder / Co-Artistic Director(2001-2006)
Sarah RozeeCo-Founder / Co-Artistic Director(2001-2006)
Lisa Phinney LangleyCo-Founder / Co-Artistic Director(2001-2004)


The Artistic Director handles the management of the company with the support of the Artistic Associate and a part-time Administrative Associate, Lora Arenburg who joined the company in September 2017.  

Photograph by Holly Crooks