La B.A.R.N.

Dancers Jacinte Armstrong and Susanne Chui at Tedd Robinson's La B.A.R.N. (September 2012).

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Professional Training

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Morning professional training with Mocean Dance

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Ongoing weekly morning training at Halifax Dance with Mocean! Our training schedule is fluid and responsive to the community as well as  Mocean 's creative projects. Please use the Facebook Event to get up-to-date info on morning training, class times, locations, and guest teachers.

Location: Halifax Dance (most of the time)
Classes are open to the public and drop-ins are welcome. Class level is INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCE and will move quickly. Must have previous dance experience but not limited to professional dancers only.

Jan 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24 (T/Th), Barre with Julie Robert

Jan 9, 14, 16, 21, 23 (M/W), 10-11:15am Contemporary release-based class and floorwork practice with Sara Coffin

Jan 18, 25 (Fri), 10-11:15am Contact Improvisation with Sara Coffin


Jan 3: 10-11:130am with Alicia Grant (Berlin)

Feb 5-8: 10-11:15am Contact Improvisation with Julia Carr (Vancouver)

Feb 19-22: 10-11:30am floor-based class with Dana Pajarillaga and Lukas Malkowski (Montreal/Toronto) with Kinetic Studio

Led by Dana and Lukas the aim of this class is to practice concepts and movement mechanics that deal with approaching virtuosic floor movement. In harnessing different contact points between our anatomy and the floor, we will discuss economic movement metaphors, pursuing floor efficiency and agility. This class is open to people from any movement practice looking to diversify their approaches to the floor!

Mar 25-27: 10-11:30am Vanessa Goodman(Vancouver) with Kinetic Studio

Moving with Curiosity: Exploring what is real and what is imagined Vanessa's class plays with the possibility of the body’s capacity. We will work through systems of anatomical organisation and curiosity of state. This workshop begins with guided hands-on bodywork and moves into physical tasks preparing your body for the day ahead.

Scholarships are available for Mocean's morning training programming. Please inquire with for more information.

If you would like to lead morning training, please contact We are always open to new instructor rotations.

Photograph by Holly Crooks