La B.A.R.N.

Dancers Jacinte Armstrong and Susanne Chui at Tedd Robinson's La B.A.R.N. (September 2012).

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Professional Training

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Morning professional training with Mocean Dance

       Please check our Facebook Event for the most recent updates

Ongoing weekly morning training at Halifax Dance with Mocean! Our training schedule is fluid and responsive to the community as well as Mocean 's creative projects. Please use this Facebook Event to get up-to-date info on morning training, class times, locations, and guest teachers.

Location: Halifax Dance (unless otherwise noted)
Class: Open to the public and drop-ins are welcome. Class level is INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCE, be prepared for the class flow to move quickly. Must have previous dance experience, but not limited to professional dancers only.

Drop-In Fee:
$15/class or $12/class for card of 5 classes or more

PLEASE NOTE the individual facebook event times may not be correct, please refer to the below list as we sort out this facebook problem:)

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM at Halifax Dance unless otherwise noted*

Sept. 4: Contemporary with Lydia Zimmer
Sept. 5: Contemporary Technique with Meredith Kalaman (Guest Artist)
Sept. 6: Contemporary with Lydia Zimmer
Sept. 9 - 19: Technique with Marie-Josée Chartier (Guest Artist) *Sept. 12 & 13 end at 12:00 PM
Sept. 20: Ballet Technique with Maria Osende
Sept. 24: TBA *ends at 11:15 AM
Sept. 26: TBA *ends at 11:15 AM
Sept. 27: Ballet Technique

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM at Halifax Dance unless otherwise noted*
Ballet Technique (different teachers) will run most Tuesdays/Thursdays.
Contemporary with Sara will run most Wednesdays/Fridays.

Oct. 1: TBA *ends at 11:15 AM
Oct. 3: Ballet Technique
Oct. 8: TBA *ends at 11:15 AM
Oct. 10: Ballet Technique with Maria Osende
Oct. 15: Contemporary with Sara Coffin
Oct. 16: Contemporary with Sara Coffin
Oct. 17: Ballet Technique with Maria Osende
Oct. 18: Contemporary with Sara Coffin
Oct. 21: Contemporary with Sara Coffin
Oct. 22: Ballet Technique
Oct. 23: Contemporary with Sara Coffin
Oct. 24: Ballet Technique with Maria Osende
Oct. 25: Contemporary with Sara Coffin
Oct. 28: Contemporary with Sara Coffin
Oct. 29: Ballet Technique
Oct. 30: Contemporary with Sara Coffin
Oct. 31: Ballet Technique

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM at Halifax Dance unless otherwise noted*

Nov. 1: Contemporary with Sara Coffin
Nov. 5: Ballet Technique *Location: Parish Hall
Nov. 7: Ballet Technique *Location: Parish Hall
Nov. 8: Contemporary with Sara Coffin *Location: Parish Hall
Nov. 19: TBA *ends at 11:15 AM
Nov. 21: Ballet Technique
Nov. 26: TBA *ends at 11:15 AM
Nov. 28: Ballet Technique

GUEST ARTIST: Meredith Kalaman

About the class: "The dancers will find themselves moving through a standing centre class that invites them to work with speed, direction, and precision. Using a familiarity of lines in space, and elements of extension to orient the body on various axis points. The class will end with jumping and traveling through space, finding elevation and ease with working in and out of the floor from the feet. (All danced to some good classic 90's tunes.) Meredith's Teaching Influences that this class is inspired by: Peggy Baker, Day Helesic, Susie Burpee & Christine Wright. "

About Meredith:
Meredith Kalaman is an award winning choreographer and teacher with over 18 years of experience working with bodies. Her teaching is influenced by artists and movement visonairies including John Ottmann, Christine Wright, Day Helesic and Peggy Baker to name a few. After a long standing history training in Ballet, she is most interested in how each dancer can establish a relationship to their own plum line of the body to facilitate dynamic movement in space with rhythm, speed, precision and articulation beyond the lines of the body. Most recently she began training in Countertechnique this past year and previously spent some time working in Australia with Dance Integrated (a multi abilities company) and Expressions Dance Company learning various movement practices to add to her teaching interests. Next up she will be sharing a bill with the Good Women Collective on their season of dance in Edmonton in November 2019.

GUEST ARTIST: Marie-Josée Chartier

Class Description: Marie-Josée Chartier offers a centre class structured to prepare the dancer for a rehearsal day, while continuing to improve their skills by integrating different approaches to technique, musicality and brain integration. The class covers elements of floor and centre work developing strength, endurance and balance, with variations across the floor going from adagio combinations to jump variations while challenging the dancer with rhythmic patterns. Marie-Josée’s approach has been influenced by the several techniques she has studied over the years including Limon, Cunningham, release, and applies principles of movement she has acquired with her many years of working with Serge Bennathan as well as various exceptional teachers.

She also encourages the dancer to find its own expression and interpretation within a particular rhythmic and kinetic variation. Furthermore, her thirty year practice as a singer in both traditional and extended vocal techniques as taught her a great deal about breathing, the importance of the connection and alignment between the head and neck with the rest of the body, and the understanding of the relaxation of the facial muscles, throat, jaw and tongue to enable the rest of the body to open up and be more efficient.

About MJC:
A multi-faceted artist, Marie-Josée Chartier moves easily between the worlds of dance, music, opera and multi-media in the roles of choreographer, performer, director, vocalist or teacher.

Her choreographic repertoire of thirty-five works is greatly influenced by contemporary visual art, music and literature in terms of concept, composition and dynamic structure. These choreographic works have been presented nationally in dance series and festivals such as the Canada Dance Festival, Dancing on the Edge, New Dance Horizons, Tangente, DanceWorks, and abroad in Potsdam, Prague, Vienna, Paris, Gent, Singapore, New York, Bogotà, Mexico and Santo Domingo.

Parallel to her acclaimed career as a choreographer, dancer and director, Marie-Josée Chartier studied voice for over 30 years and performs in numerous music, theatrical and multi-media productions. She studied in Montreal and Toronto most notably with Ginette Laroche, Helga Tucker, Richard Armstrong and Fides Krucker in classical and extended voice techniques. She was a co-founder and member of URGE, a female collective based in Toronto (1990-2004) creating music and voice driven multi-disciplinary works. Marie-Josée has taught vocal exploration across Canada as well as internationally while on tour with her productions.

Scholarships are available for Mocean's morning training programming. Please inquire with for more information.
Photograph by Holly Crooks