La B.A.R.N.

Dancers Jacinte Armstrong and Susanne Chui at Tedd Robinson's La B.A.R.N. (September 2012).

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Professional Training

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open training with Mocean Dance

Ongoing weekly morning training - 10-11:00am. Mocean classes are open to the public and drop-ins are welcome. Class level is intermediate to advance. Must have previous dance experience but not limited to professional dancers only.

Class Dates and Teachers:

Upcoming Full Week Monday to Friday Training Options:
Mar 26-30: Julie Robert (M,W), Lukas Malkowski (T, TH), Sara (F)

April 2-6- Naishi Wang (M,T), Ginelle Chagnon or Sara (F)

**class is happening Good Friday and Easter Monday**
**class cancelled Tues, April 4 and Wed, April 5**

Please check our Facebook Event for the most recent updates. 

Location: Halifax Dance
These classes are open to the public. Level: intermediate and above

Class Descriptions:

Sara Coffin is a dancer, choreographer, educator and Mocean's Co-Artistic Director. She trained at Simon Fraser University, and was based in Vancouver for 10 years where she created and danced for many choreographers. She received an MFA in Choreography from Smith College. 

Sara's Class Content/Themes of Interest: A release-based contemporary technique class that draws on the principles of the Bartenieff™ Developmental Movement Patterns, mobile floor technique, and moving with momentum through the horizontal and vertical planes.

Lukas Malkowski is a Ryerson grad working between Toronto & Montreal with various companies including Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie and Rubberband Dance.

Lukas' Class Content/Themes of Interest:
-Connecting sensation with movement, specifically touch and sight. 
-Task-based movement exploration; individually and potentially in groups/pairings

-Phrases of physical movement, moving in and out of the floor based off of principles of breakdance and contemporary.

Naishi Wang is a Toronto based dance artist, TDT grad originally from ChangChun,​ ​China​. He spent nine years with TDT and now works independently for various companies as well as creating his own work.

Naishi's Class Content/Themes of Interest: This warm up will focus on two main movement concepts – partnering and improvisational works. After a simple warm up and stretch, we will work in pairs with the possibilities to go through phases like:  sensory play, guide directions, Qi recognize, pattern break down, awakens to our partner, body balance, giving and receiving, speed of reaction, and tracing flow. The practice of the fundamental is done through various of games. The big advantage of working in pairs/partnering is the necessity to outreach the familiar range and breaks the natural pattern, and deconstruct the these patterns with new patterns our partner offers.

Improvisational works – the core idea is based on a notion of No form, and No style, and combined with elements from the area that we already know to mixed the dynamic of unknown, we will focus on the way we deal with our Qi while moving inner and outer spaces. For example, we will investigate how to move big and remind calm, as well as move small and fast. Organization and coordination of the body while being upside down and flowed way with the use of gravity.

Recently moved to the HFX, Julie Robert is a LADMMI grad, dances in Montreal with various companies including currently with Parts + Labour Danse and has a keen interest in the east coast/Halifax area that she looks forward to developing.

Julie's Class Content/Themes of Interest: 
I will lead us through a playfully structured technique class, starting off with some simple warm-up exercises as we progress to more complex enchaînements. Within the class, I’ll guide us through some task-oriented/sensation-based movement exploration, allowing us to actively “check in” with our bodies, moving outside our habitual movement patterns. This morning class will stimulate our minds and prepare our bodies for our individual daily challenges.

Susanne Chui is Mocean's Co-Artistic Director. She trained at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre, and was based in Toronto for 7 years. Has collaborated and created works on her own and for choreographers both near and far via Mocean and independently.

Susanne's Class Content/ Themes of Interest: My favourite exercises to my favourite music, inspired by my favourite teachers. This class will take the form of a "classic" dance class - floor, centre (or barre), across the floor, jumping -  with attention given to breath, sensation, weight, musicality, articulation, individual & group body and JOY.

Georgia Skinner is a Halifax native with a background in ballet, contemporary and hip hop. She trained at the School of TDT and dances for many local groups including The Woods, Nostos Collective, as well as creating her own work.

Georgia's Class Content/ Themes of Interest:
This class is an energetic fusion of contemporary, ballet, improvisation, and hip hop techniques. As a multidisciplinary dancer, I like to fuse my interests in a way that caters to strength building, adapting to different types of aesthetics, and allows for enjoyment through movement and upbeat music. It will mostly work around contemporary combinations to some of my favourite pop, hip hop, and indie rock tunes.
Photograph by Holly Crooks