Gen Y Project 2012

Gen Y Project Youth Performers - 2012

Choreography by Sara Coffin
Photo Credit: Holly Crooks


Thanks and congratulations to Mocean.They were fabulous and fantastic. Can't wait to have them back.

- Wayne Boucher, painter, Annapolis Royal, NS

Members of the Basement Theatre Society and the Shelburne County Festival Choir - some 28 people of all ages - enjoyed the experience of a workshop with Mocean Dance. The quality of instruction together with the pure enjoyment not only helped to create integration for these two groups of non-professional people, but offered skills and ideas for movement that we can bring to our next production. The opportunity of working with these young people was much appreciated by us all.

- Peter Oliver

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Adult Groups

Classes, lecture demonstrations, workshops and special activities can all be provided for adults with various levels of experience and interest in dance.

Dance, Fitness and Yoga Students
Dance, creative movement and fitness classes targeted to community members who enjoy physical activity at almost any level.

Library or Community Arts & Recreation Centre sessions
Broaden awareness and stimulate learning with lecture demonstrations, discussion and/or reading group sessions.

Film Nights
Mocean can provide dance films and support discussion with informed commentary or pre- and post- film “talk backs.” This work can focus around a specific genre or film, or can provide an educative historic approach to dance as an art form.

Multi-disciplinary Arts sessions
Mocean can work as the creative stimulus for artists from many disciplines. Company members will create a series of movements for other artists to use as an impetus for their own creation. This can evolve into a collaborative session where musicians, visual artists and dancers work together to support each other’s creation or to develop joint projects.

Photograph by Holly Crooks