Gen Y Project 2012

Gen Y Project Youth Performers - 2012

Choreography by Sara Coffin
Photo Credit: Holly Crooks
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Youth Groups

Mocean Dance offers a wide range of activities for youth from 8 -18, which can be adapted for schools, theatre settings, or community facilities.

Performance Workshops
Mocean can work with a targeted group of young people, in after-school settings, to create and produce a short work to be showcased as part of Mocean’s own performance. These young people can be dancers or those with little or no prior movement experience since the work focuses on individual expression and natural movement. A minimum of five, one-hour sessions with 8-18 participants is required for this work.
Groups such as Brownies, Girl Guides, Cubs, Scouts, 4H, drama clubs, library and community recreation groups can all be served with short, engaging workshops that introduce the essential elements of dance and movement. A wonderful opportunity to build group unity, team spirit, health and creativity in a fun and engaging environment.

Workshops for Athletes
Dance is a highly athletic endeavour. Many of its key components—balance, core strength, transfer of weight, rapid change of direction, efficiency of movement—are readily transferable to athletes at all levels.
Any athlete can participate, including:

  • basketball players
  • soccer players
  • football players
  • skaters
  • gymnasts
Photograph by Holly Crooks