Gen Y Project 2012

Gen Y Project Youth Performers - 2012

Choreography by Sara Coffin
Photo Credit: Holly Crooks

The performance for the student body was exciting and held the students’ attention from start to finish. Not an easy task when your audience ranges from grade primary to seven! The dance workshop was very well attended and the students expressed disappointment to me that it was only a one-day experience. They wanted more!

- Wayne Mullins, Principal, Forrest Ridge Academy

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For Schools

Let Mocean bring dance to life in your school! Mocean offers a choice of short performances, workshops, or guest-teaching in specific classes such as Dance 11, Drama, Physical Education and PAL classes.

Mocean Dance believes that infusing the education system with dance plays a vital role in developing the student’s eye for art, as well as contributing to the growth and awareness of dance as a form of creative expression.

If you would like to bring Mocean Dance to your school, contact Susan at the Mocean office: (902) 425-4908 or

Photograph by Holly Crooks