Gen Y Project 2012

Gen Y Project Youth Performers - 2012

Choreography by Sara Coffin
Photo Credit: Holly Crooks


I was mesmerized from beginning to end with the truly artistic, emotional and professional performance. It represents the artistic essence of athletics. Watching the human body move in such a fluid yet powerful way is a beautiful experience. How lucky Halifax can claim that we are home base to a company that can look forward to international success.

- Kathy Townsend, Teacher

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Mocean brings a showcase of athletic, creative, accessible dance to elementary, junior and senior high school audiences. Richly visual, fast paced, and set to a variety of contemporary music, the dance is by turns humorous, percussive, high energy, and beautiful. The company shows just how expressive movement can be, and how the human body can paint extraordinary pictures that touch the heart and mind.

Watch the dancers use momentum, balance, strength, and spin to bring images and ideas to life!

Photograph by Holly Crooks