Gen Y Project 2012

Gen Y Project Youth Performers - 2012

Choreography by Sara Coffin
Photo Credit: Holly Crooks


The performance for the student body was exciting and held the students’ attention from start to finish. Not an easy task when your audience ranges from grade primary to seven! The dance workshop was very well attended and the students expressed disappointment to me that it was only a one-day experience. They wanted more!

- Wayne Mullins, Principal, Forrest Ridge Academy

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Through its community outreach activities and specialized workshops, Mocean Dance provides a forum for dance education, a core undertaking for the company. The Mocean Dance Society’s mission states: “The company will communicate and share its work with audiences through performances both at home and on tour, and will maintain its strong commitment to community outreach, development, and youth education through residency and school programs.”

The members of Mocean Dance see themselves as ambassadors for their art form.

Photograph by Holly Crooks