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Gwen Noah

Newfoundland-born Gwen Noah began her began her dance training in St. John’s. At the age of 17 she moved to London, England for further training. For three years, Gwen was a member of the Julie West Dance Foundation (Ottawa), touring through Canada, the United States and Africa.

In 1990 Noah moved to Halifax, founded her own company, Gwen Noah Dance, and began deep exploration into solo dance form. For Noah, a courageous artist, the art of creation is a sacred journey; her destiny is to share her personal discovery on the stage, as a kind of public prayer.

Artistic collaborations throughout her career have deepened and extended her creative voice as a solo artist. Today, with over 70 choreographies and more than 20 seasons of Gwen Noah Dance to her credit, Noah is a force in the Nova Scotia and Canadian dance community. Gwen Noah Dance is a Company-in-Residence at Halifax Dance.

Gwen’s creation on Mocean Dance is titled, Vestige (2005).

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Photograph by Holly Crooks