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Roger Sinha

Roger Sinha began his modern training in 1983 at the school of the Toronto Dance Theatre. Since then, he has danced for a number of Canadian companies such as Danse-Partout, Productions Cas Public, La Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault and Sylvain Émard Danse.

Sinha founded Montreal-based Sinha Danse in 1991 and has performed extensively at major festivals in Canada including the Canada Dance Festival, Montréal en Lumières, Dancing on the Edge Festival and FIND. Internationally, Sinha Danse has presented works at the prestigious Place Theatre (London) as part of the Vivarta Festival of South Asian Performance and has been showcased at the Spring Dance Festival in Utrecht (Holland), Danse à Lille (France), Summer Stage Series in Central Park (New York) and the New Directions in Indian Dance festival in New Delhi.

Roger achieved notoriety with his famous solo Burning Skin, which has been performed widely in Canada and abroad and was televised by the CBC in 1994. In 1996, Sinha won the Bonnie Bird Creation Award to choreograph a new work for the Transitions Dance Company at the Laban Centre in London, England. In 1997, he was commissioned by The Contemporary Dancers of Winnipeg to create a sextet entitled Benches. Since then, he has created numerous works including Loha (2000), Thok (2002), and Apricot Trees Exist (2004) for Sinha Danse.

The mixture of styles that Roger Sinha works with have not gently fused into each other; rather, his personal experiences have led him to passionately reclaim his cultural origins and use tradition for a contemporary expression of his reality.

Roger’s piece on Mocean Dance is 5 Breaths (2005).

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Photograph by Holly Crooks