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5 Breaths

5 Breaths (2005)

Commissioned and premiered by Mocean Dance
Choreography: Roger Sinha
4 dancers
30 minutes

Do we control time or does time control us? What can happen in a second? A minute? A year? Detail and speed are reflections of the society we live in, and their control is becoming increasingly apparent on everything from insignificant activities to extraordinary events. 5 Breaths is a meditation on time and how it influences us.  Weaving moments of chaos and meditative calm, this provocative work is athletic, explosive and poignant.

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5 Breaths5 Breaths
5 Breaths5 Breaths

Kimmo Pohjonen (from the album Kluster)

Costume Design & Construction
Holly Crooks

Lighting Design
Leigh Ann Vardy

Monologues by Roger Sinha, additional text by the dancers

Sound Editing
Craig Sheppard

Photograph by Holly Crooks