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Body Abandoned
Body Abandoned (2014)

Commissioned and premiered by Mocean Dance (2014)
Choreography: Sara Coffin
3 dancers
24 minutes

A visually stunning piece that investigates the phenomenon of disembodiment in the digital age, Body Abandoned explores the act of vacating the body in favour of our virtual self. Falling in our act of flight, the piece questions the effects of reaching beyond the borders of the skin and existing in the perpetual in-between spaces of digital culture.

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Body Abandoned  _DSC0863b-web

Body Abandoned  Body Abandoned

Sound Design: Phil Thomson

Music: Tim Hecker, Phil Thomson, Patrick Valqui, Miki Yui

Multimedia: Andrew Hawryshkewich 

Costume Design: Emily Dunn

Lighting Design: Dan Rist

Photograph by Holly Crooks