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Burnwater: Alchemy

Concept & Direction: Erin Donovan & Susanne Chui
Collaboration with Hear Here Productions
Choreography: Susanne Chui
2 performers
60 minutes

Step inside Burnwater:Alchemy, a performance installation at the crossroads of place, memory and the natural world. Weaving together percussion, dance, poetry and the extraordinary iron sound-sculptures of Nova Scotia blacksmith John Little, the audience is immersed in a delightfully imaginative world, suspended in time and place.

Burnwater: Alchemy (2016) from Mocean Dance on Vimeo.


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Sound Design: John D.S. Adams & Erin Donovan 

Costumes: Andrea Ritchie

Lighting Design: Stephane Ménigot 

Set Design: Ellen Gibling 

Sound Sculpture: John Little

Creative Facilitator: Katherine Duncanson 

Photograph by Holly Crooks