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For a Quartet

Commissioned and premiered by Mocean Dance (2016)
: Danièle Desnoyers
4 dancers
21 minutes

A piece that reveals the unique voices of an ensemble. A quartet. Four women whose experience is not limited to dance alone. An expression of views ironically centering on the number 4. A territory made up of encounters, abandon, confusion,  disruptions. Making and unmaking, inserting the bodies into a synchronism bordering on the absurd. Then letting life emerge from the pulsations of their vibrant, constantly animated steps.

For a Quartet (2016) from Mocean Dance on Vimeo.

Sound Design: Brian Riley,
in collaboration with
Danièle Desnoyers

Costume Design: Danièle Desnoyers

Costume Alterations: Annamarie Million

Lighting Design: Marc Parent

Photograph by Holly Crooks