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Live from the Flash Pan (2010)

Commissioned and premiered by Mocean Dance
Choreography: Cory Bowles
1 dancer
21 minutes

A vocalist and a dancer are much the same.
A great solo vocalist has the power to make you feel, listen, and take you through the story by any means necessary. In a live setting, we connect with our ears and our eyes.
A great vocalist can make you remember "the first song at the first show".
A great vocalist can help a collective crowd shake a foundation or shudder with a ripple.

A great solo dancer is much like a great vocalist
They just don't need a microphone, but give them one and they will dance on it.


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Barakaat (the blessing) - Abdullah Ibrahim; The Wait - The Pretenders; Punk - Gorillaz; Life in a Glass House - Radiohead

Costume Design: Rachael Grant

Lighting Design: Martin Saintonge

Photograph by Holly Crooks