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Mappa Mundi
Mappa Mundi (2006)

Commissioned and premiered by Mocean Dance
Choreography: Michael Trent
4 dancers
60 minutes

Mappa Mundi incorporates a large set piece (a 6’ x 6’ metal cube) that is sculptural, ever-present, mobile, and is integrated into the dancers’ movement. The movement is technical and often other-worldly. All elements of this piece, the dancers, set, and lighting, create barriers and dimensions resulting in a unique universe that seems to span both future and past and is both beautiful and stark. Trent wishes the audience to bring their own interpretations to this work and there have been many, ranging from the work being a commentary on our culture’s social hierarchy and the constant struggle to advance or find one’s place, to the work being a glimpse of the inevitable future – a stark, computer-driven world.

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Mappa Mundi Mappa Mundi
Mappa Mundi Mappa Mundi

Original score
Kenneth Doren

Set Design
Michael Trent

Costume Design
Michael Trent & Jessy Lacourciere

Costume Construction
Jessy Lacourciere

Lighting Design
Geoff Bouckley

Photograph by Holly Crooks