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When I’m Sleeping, I See August (2006)

Commissioned and premiered by Mocean Dance
Choreography: Sara Harrigan with Carolle Crooks, Sarah DiQuinzio and Alicia Orr MacDonald
3 dancers
24 minutes

When I’m Sleeping, I See August explores the varying degrees of longing, heartache and loneliness endured throughout a long-distance relationship. Drawing on her own experience, as well as that of the collaborating company members, Sara’s creation process was also inspired by wartime telegrams between her grandparents, love letters between famous historical figures and a moving local newspaper article chronicling one man’s quest to bring his future bride to Canada from Burundi. The resulting work is brimming with passion, integrity and humanity that can’t help but leave an impression.

Photos taken by Holly Crooks during rehearsal in March 2006.

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Anne Shelton, Pansonic, Lisa Gerrard & Jeff Rona, Arvo Part and Carter/Bracken

Costume Design
Mocean Dance

Photograph by Holly Crooks