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You Tackle a Staircase Face On (2007)

Commissioned and premiered by Mocean Dance
Choreography: Lesandra Dodson
3 dancers
25 minutes

You Tackle a Staircase Face On is based on and inspired by the Spanish writer Julio Cortazar, whose The Instruction Manual is an absurd assortment of tasks and items dissected in an instruction manual format. This text presents common objects from strange perspectives and has been paired with movement vignettes that play with the obvious in a subtle and abstract way. The piece follows three characters that exist within an environment where climbing, singing, listening, waiting and following directions are integral to the often wry and absurd exploration of worst-case scenarios and instruction manuals.

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Original music by Christine Fellows; found source, Ravenous Savourlissa by Damon Albarn & Michael Nyman

Excerpts from Julio Cortazar’s The Instruction Manual and Joshua Pivan & David Borgenicht’s The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook.

Text of original lists & descriptions
Melanie Ferro


Christopher Shore

Costume Design & Construction
Rachael Grant

Lighting Design
Rebecca Picherack

Sound Editing
Brian Buckle after Luis Cardoso

Photograph by Holly Crooks