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Geoff Bouckley

Lighting Designer
Geoff is a theatrical designer and manager who has participated in a diverse range of productions spanning the genres of theatre and dance across Canada. He has been involved in over 60 productions to date with companies such as Fujiwara Dance Inventions, Cat-In-The-Box Theatre, Kaeja d'Dance, Mocean Dance, Moonhorse Dance, Carlos Bulosan Theatre, Green Tea Collective, Definition: Blood, Spark Productions, Buddies-In-Bad-Times Theatre, Platform 9, Corpus Dance Projects, The Empty Collective, Praxis Theatre, Theatre Gargantua, 2B Theatre, Black & Blue Dance Projects, and Toronto Dance Theatre. His work has taken him to Europe and coast to coast in Canada with extensive tours of Eastern Quebec and Ontario. Geoff has taught at and is a graduate of York University's Theatre Program.

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Photograph by Holly Crooks