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Kenneth Doren


Kenneth is a Canadian multi-media artist whose art installations, videos and digital operas have been presented in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Canada and the U.S.A. His latest opuses restructure musical expectations: "The Curse of Rome" (2007) for solo voice subverts Shakespeare's text of Julius Caesar; "Mappa Mundi" (2006) for string instruments and digitally manipulated sound was composed for the dance work by Michael Trent and Mocean Dance; "Imperial Wild" (2006) composed for the Motion Ensemble and performed for the OK.Quoi?! contemporary arts festival; "Immortal Misbegotten" (2005), a reworking of Ludwig van Beethoven's famous six Op. 18 String Quartets condensed into one piece; and "Pathetic Piano" (2005), a breakdown of Beethoven's Op. 13 Pathétique Sonata into ten new audience interactive videos.

His first digital musical work "Allegro Molto Con Brio King Kong" (1999) focuses on pop culture connections to the Greek myth of Prometheus and incorporated a string quintet, three dancers and video monitors. In the summer of 2000, the Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art presented his second digital opera, "Your High Imperial" for video projected singers, brass quintet, two violins and digitally manipulated sound. "Rule Britannia - A Low Opera in Grand Shite Style" (2002) incorporated two pianos and two video monitors that investigated the political power path from domination to decline.

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Photograph by Holly Crooks