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phil thomson


Phil Thomson, MFA (aka phonal) is a Vancouver-based creator of electronic music. His music has been released on labels around the world, broadcast on CBC, and heard in concert in Canada, the US and abroad. His works have been commissioned by such organizations as Vancouver New Music and CFRO Vancouver Co-operative Radio. He has written music for dance by several prominent Vancouver choreographers, most notably Sara Coffin. His writings have been published online and by Cambridge University Press, and he assisted with the technical editing of Mapping and Visualization with SuperCollider by Marinos Koutsomichalis, published by Packt Publishing.

He is a member of the digital eco-art group known as Loco Moto Art Collective. With Meghan Goodman and Igor Santizo, he is a founding member of IMP Collective. He is currently artist in residence with Vancouver Parks Board at West Point Grey Community Centre / Aberthau.

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Photograph by Holly Crooks