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Make a contribution to Atlantic Canadian dance and culture, and support the work of Mocean Dance by donating to us today. Send us a cheque by mail at PO Box 783 CRO, Halifax, NS B3J 2V2 or, make a secure, online donation right now through CanadaHelps.org. Either way, you will receive a tax-deductible receipt for the full amount of your donation.

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Mocean is grateful for the support of the following generous individuals for their 2018-19 support:

patrons ($2,000 +)

Margaret and David Fountain
Margaret Armour
Joan Craig 

benefactors ($500 - $1,999)

Charles Baxter
Pamela Scott Crace
Dr. Thomas & Gloria Chui
Ewa Jachimowicz 
In Memory of Maria Jachimowicz
Irene & Robert Orr
James Rogers 
Isabel Wainwright

leading supporter ($100-$499)

Marcella & David Abugov

Chris Beckett

Kathryn Crooks

Harris & Holly Crooks

Kam Chung

Bradford Productions - Brad & Isabel Diamond

Sarah douglas

Myra & Lawrence Freeman

Mary Holt

Jan Shepard Kutcher

Catherine Lazier

Barbara Lounder

Sharon Nicolle & Larry Hayes

Dianne & Timothy Milligan

Gerald MacDonald

Anne Muecke

Sheila Paterson

Kenny Pearl

Dave & Josephine Porter

Gillian Reid

Deborah & Colin Richardson

Barbara Richman

Pat & Scott Rozee

Susan Street

Ron Snippe

Richard Stoker Elise Vanderborght

Anonymous Donors from the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon

friends (up to $99)

Judy Adams

Guy Armitage

Aimee Arsenault

Sarah & Joseph Abihanna

June Bourque

Friedemann Brauer

Karen Braun

Donald Blakely

Bess Callard

Beth Cameron

Betty Anne Cameron

Caroline Cameron

Anne Carlos

Jeanne Chaisson

Diane Chandler
Marie-Josee Chartier

Carolyn Chui

Susanne Chui
Chris & Diane Coffin

Francis Coffin

Sara Coffin

Patricia Conrod
Christian DeWolf

Angus Duncan

Kelly Doney Morrison

Erin Donovan
Mandy Edwards

Diane Foley

Rafael Franco

Marna Fujimoto-Pihl

Brauer Friedemann
Allison Harris

Alison Hickey 

Carolyn Humphreys

Lindsay Jacquard 

Karen Kinely

Christina Lazier

Emily LeBlanc

Barbara Lounder 

Su-Feh Lee

Katherine Maccariello

John & Susan Malmstrom

Diane Manara
Kevin MacCormack
Eileen Mackintosh

Megan McCarthy

Mandy McDevitt

Tessa Mendel

Kelly Mercer

Kaitlin Miles

Bethany Miles

Katherine Morash

Frances Niekamp

Janice Niekamp

David Paterson

Francine Perreault

Nathan Pilon

Heather Robertson

Celia Rossiter

Sarah Slemko

Andrea Smillie
Kevin Schwenker
Anne Shaftel

Michael Taylor

Lisa Teryl 

Andrew Terris

Heather Topple
Bridget Trim

Marisa Vest

Brenda Wallace

Jesse Williams
Marianne Ward
Peter Williams

Anonymous Donors from the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon


Kevin MacCormack – Fox and Fellow Photography

Haliburton Hotel 

Halifax Dance
Barbara Richman
Strategic Arts Management (SAM)

Photograph by Holly Crooks