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Get in Mocean!

Mocean Dance highly values the service volunteers who do so much for the company. From the Board of Directors to the production volunteers and the many individuals who make the annual gala such a success, Mocean’s volunteer supporters have blessed the company with their energy, skill and dedication. It takes a village to raise a dance company!

If you have skills that you would like to share with Mocean, or if you would like to explore ways to help at one of our events, please contact Mocean Dance.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who have made such significant contributions to the development of Mocean Dance over the years. 

 Margaret Armour
Jacinte Armstrong
Nicole Arsenault
Rhonda Baker
Charles Baxter
Chris Beckett
Mariella Belleza
Nancy Bessette
Cory Bowles
Megan Brady
Terry Brennan
Kirk Brewer
Kym Butler
Doug Cameron
Luis Cardoso
Holly Carr
Claire Chevalier
Susanne Chui
Karen Chung
Dianne Coffin
Sara Coffin
Fred Connors
Susan Cook
Louanne Cooper
Sarah Cox
Pamela Scott Crace
Erin Crooks
Holly & Harris Crooks
Kathryn Crooks
Dance Nova Scotia
Lesandra Dodson
Trudy Carey
Lisa Doucet
Bryan Duffy
Emily Eager
Marel Eager
Shirley Elias
Penny Evans
Rohan Fernando
Marco Ferro
Melanie Ferro
Pam Ferro
Judy Fraser
Wally Fraser
Rui Guo
Sacha Hanarahan
Judy Harquail

 David & Karen Harrigan
Gay Hauser
Mark Hippern
Stuart Hisler
Sarah Hopkin
Ewa Jachimowitz-Quinn
Tim Keenan
Ruth-Ellen Kroll Jackson
Sean Leahy
Andrea Leigh-Smith
Cliff Le Jeune
Barry Leonard
Jennifer Loane
Ron Mitton
Sharon Nicolle & Larry Hayes
Jesse McNichol
Brent MacDonald
John MacDonald
Veronique MacKenzie
Mary Ellen MacLean
Jack Malmstrom
Mary-Lou Martin
Daniel McIvor
Anne Muecke
Doug & Alexa Murphy
Heather and Mike Murphy
John Naas
Irene & Robert Orr
Lisa Phinney Langley
Barbara Richman
Matthew Richman
Andrea Ritchie
Pat and Ken Rozee
Craig Sheppard
Christopher Shore
Marlene Stanton
Elise Vanderborght
Catherine Walker
Susan Warr
Wells & Anne Whitney
Blair Young
Photograph by Holly Crooks