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Residency Guidelines

Mocean Dance is happy to discuss your goals for a residency. You can get an idea of the range of activities Mocean offers during residencies in the For Communities section of the site.

Here are some guidelines to help in your initial planning:  

Youth Performing Groups
These groups should ideally have between 8 and 18 participants. Fewer will put too much demand on untrained dancers; more make participation too limited. Session length should be 90 minutes; it takes a minimum of five sessions to create a work for performance. 

Adult Sessions
Movement classes - 75 minutes
Film nights/lectures - 1.5-2 hours
Artist’s jam 75 -90 minutes of activity, up to 30 minutes additional for discussion.

School Workshops
Classroom / gym sessions: 60 minutes maximum per class or performance, with a maximum of 4 hours (including no more than 2 shows in one day)

Scheduling a Day

  • The company can generally deliver a maximum 4 to 4.5 community outreach hours in one day. 
  • On days where there is also rehearsal or creation activity, 2.5 to 3 hours of outreach activity are the most that can be scheduled.
  • A full school day equals 4 to 4.5 contact hours, and nothing else should be scheduled on a full school day. If the school contact time is 3 hours or less, it is possible for the company to do an additional afternoon or evening session.
  • The company should have at least one evening off every third day.
  • Days that include extensive travel to outlying communities may need to have slightly less contact time. This should be discussed with the company. 
  • Workshops with special needs groups require prior approval from the company to ensure that the dancers have the required skills for this work.

The activity schedule must be approved by the company in order to ensure successful, safe and productive workshops.

Please contact Mocean Dance with your ideas and questions. They look forward to working with you!

Photograph by Holly Crooks