Canvas 5 x 5

“Although a relatively young company, Mocean Dance grasps the essence of promotion. Despite being relatively self-managed, they have come up with some very interesting concepts. Presenters love when the artist takes the responsibility of promotion out of their hands and replaces it with a finished product. From customized brochures to promotion support to innovative poster design this group of dancers makes sure that you have everything you need to ensure a successful program without leaving anything to chance.”

-Chris Ball, Astor Theatre

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Technical Requirements

General Technical Requirements

Required stage area
36 feet wide, 30 feet deep, covered with Marley floor, properly installed with Marley tape

Minimum space
26 feet wide, ~18 feet deep

One programmable console with DMX IN

Two high speakers, full range (L and R) for the PA (downstage); two full range speakers for monitors; audio snake from stage to front of house; front of house console; CD player

Stage dressing
One station out of view of audience for quick changing
Intercommunication system: clear comm between stage and lighting and sound

Required staff (to be discussed)
One professional lighting technician; one professional audio technician; one stage hand; tech staff to be present for load-in, strike, load-out, and all tech rehearsals, dress rehearsals and performances

Dressing rooms
Clean dressing room(s), with lock(s), for three or four dancers, adjacent to the stage, with sinks, toilets, functional showers, chairs, mirrors and an iron. Other needs: Ice (in case of injury); juices and water available in the dressing room(s) during set-up and before performances; washing, drying and ironing equipment for costumes; fire extinguishers

Contact: Susanne Chui or Sara Coffin, 902-425-4908

Specific Technical Requirements by Piece
available upon request.


Photograph by Holly Crooks