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Residency & Outreach

Residency and community outreach activity are essential parts of Mocean’s work.

Residencies are periods of time (anything from three days to three weeks) when Mocean Dance lives in a community and offers options such as outreach and education activity, special workshops and events, creation, and performances. This mix can be tailored to your community’s needs and interests, and can involve everyone from small children to senior citizens, athletes to artists. Each residency is designed by the community presenter (and partners) in collaboration with the Artistic Directors of Mocean Dance.  

Residencies offer presenters and communities the opportunity to blend performance with their own choice of workshops, classes, lecture demonstrations, film evenings, multi-disciplinary art sessions, and more – Mocean enjoys developing new options to meet specific community needs. The company members—all of whom are skilled and perceptive teachers and communicators—invite all ages and skill levels to share in their love of dance, creation, and movement. Youths, adults and special populations can all enjoy a wide range of lively, fun, educational, and engaging activities during a Mocean Dance residency.

Mocean’s residencies engage the community in active participation, develop knowledge, skills, and interest in contemporary dance, and build audiences for dance performance. Creation-based residencies are often fundable through the Canada Council, and involve the development and premiere of a new work in the community setting, as well as some outreach activity and workshops. 

Community outreach generally involves workshops, classes or events that are linked to a performance. The company may come to your community for a day or two prior to a performance to build interest and awareness, and to set the stage for an upcoming show. 

If you would like some ideas about residency and community outreach activities, check out the range of Mocean Dance offerings in For Communities.

Photograph by Holly Crooks